EP05 Email Marketing for Your E-commerce Business with Dylan Kelley

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This episode features Dylan Kelley who is the founder and CEO of Wavebreak, a leading email marketing agency for e-commerce stores. He also hosts the Wavebreak podcast where he talks about ways on how to scale up your e-commerce business into 8-figures.

Dylan shares his expertise in e-commerce marketing that will help you in growing your business, particularly in times of uncertainties. He highlights the importance of email marketing as a powerful tool to scale. Given his experiences in this industry, he now shares his proven steps which he termed as the Wavebreak method.

Tune in to learn from the experiences of an e-commerce marketing expert.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dylan shares his journey on how he started with  Wavebreak.
  • Email marketing is one of the secrets in the e-commerce industry.
  • How to double your business in two ways?
  • What are the three metrics to increase your business?
  • The Wave Break Method that suggests 4 steps: foundation, acceleration, on-going management, and optimization.
  • Email as the communication aspect of your business.
  • How to evaluate an e-commerce brand before buying it?
  • How to scale up your business?
  • Dylan shares a client success story.
  • The big mistakes in e-commerce and email marketing.
  • The impact of messaging in times of uncertainty.
  • The importance of hiring a coach and investing in various programs.
  • Dylan’s favorite business book is the Ultimate Sales Machine.

Tweetable Quote:

“Just get consistent with your email. That’s gonna be huge. It’s like two to three times a week. If you’ll do that, you’ll gonna be set on the backend and you’ll literally scale up your business so much.” —Dylan Kelley

“Nowadays, with all the uncertainties in the world, you need control in your business, and you need to get back in the driver seat.”–Dylan Kelley

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Podcast: https://www.wavebreakpodcast.com/

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