EP04 Antifragile Fb ads frameworks with Nehal Kazim

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In this episode, we interview Nehal Kazim the founder of AdPros. Their focus is working with the fastest-growing direct to consumer GTC brands online.

Listen in to learn the emerging trends in online business buying and selling due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Episode Highlights:

  • Nehal discusses the commonalities and differences in subscription services that focus on customer acquisition and doing it to scale.
  • He explains that even though a lot of their clients are young (two years or younger) they grow really quickly. Adpros helps them grow their value of revenue which is a different strategy than other advertisement companies.
  • Nehal elaborates on why mindset is so important to scale a company.
  • Why it’s crucial to be adaptive in this industry with a 24 to 48-hour turnaround so clients don’t lose money on ROAS.
  • He gives advice for businesses that are successful without Facebook ads and for those who already have traffic but aren’t receiving the desired turnaround.
  • The three types of metrics, Adpros looks at when they are building services for their clients.
  • Ad Scorecard, Offer, Avatar, Funnel, Nurturing, The Ad, The Ad Optimization, Tracking and Decision Making.
  • The silent killer in the industry of Facebook ads.
  • How he keeps his mindset sharp and what he plans to do during the quarantine.

Tweetable Quote:

“High degree with lack of patience when it comes to implementation of Facebook ad campaigns is bad because it’s a rush to be very profitable and the phases to get to profitability aren’t from zero to profit but zero to break even. It’s actually zero to more loss before you even break even and then you start making money.”

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Website: https://adpros.com/


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