EP03 Thinking time and Productized Services with Tyler Gillespie

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Thinking time and Productized Services Tyler Gillespie

In this episode, we interview Tyler Gillespie, a content marketing business owner as he shares his passion for content marketing &  freedom that led him to focus on online businesses.

Listen in to learn what productizing means and what Nahel’s company does to help business with it.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why did Tyler start an online business?
  • How  a 12-week accelerator program in Santiago de Chile which was pivotal to his journey.
  • Learn where you can find programs for entrepreneurs.
  • The philosophy behind calling himself the thinking time officer at the Applause lab.
  • Productized Services and a 3000 members community.
  • How he has mastered the art of having more dynamic frames and rules in place when running his business over the traditional SOPs.

Tweetable Quote:

“The more people in a mastermind that are doing what you’re doing- are ten steps ahead, that’s going to be the most valuable place for you to learn.”- Tyler Gillespie

“Three-solutions. Anyone you hire no matter where they’re in the spectrum of your organization before they come to you with a problem, they have to bring 3 solutions of their own.”- Tyler Gillespie

Relevant Links:

Applause Lab https://applauselab.com/


Program’s website: https://www.f6s.com/

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