EP02 Community for Internet Business buyers and sellers with Chris Yates

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Chris Yates is the founder of Rhodium Weekend and Owner of Centurica. Rhodium Weekend is an event for online Entrepreneurs who own 6- to 8-figure businesses, and for buyers, sellers, and investors of those businesses. Using both structured and unstructured time so each person can learn, network, and share in the way that works best for them. All attendees are curated through an application process to ensure the community is filled with smart, driven members who are willing to pay-it-forward with their own expertise.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is it about smaller, more intimate events that’s working well?
  • Money hacks versus real business.
  • Why is scaling challenging when you get involved in running the business?
  • Insights about productized service businesses.
  • A good portfolio and filters work for investment.
  • Thoughts on deal structures like seller financing.
  • Where to seek for legal and accounting advice?
  • How to build  up mentorship and support for yourself.

Tweetable Quote:

“I will buy any deal at any price as long as you let me name the terms. When you think what that means is price kind of irrelevant. I could tell you I will pay you a million for your business right now but I’m going to pay you a penny a day for a million days, that doesn’t sound very attractive.” – Chris Yates

Relevant Links:

Rhodium Weekend: https://rhodiumweekend.com/

Centurica: https://centurica.com/

Chris Yates’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrismyates/

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