EP08 Outreach campaigns to build inflow of opportunities with Matt Currie

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In this episode, we welcome guest Matt Currie, co-founder of OutFlow, a Deal Origination Partner agency that assists mergers and acquisition clients in sourcing deals by delivering exclusive, off-market deal opportunities through vetting qualified Buy-Side or Sell-Side deals.

Matt discusses his own experience with exiting a business and provides listeners with advice and tips to do so successfully. He shares helpful insight into what buyers and sellers can do to be prepared and achieve symbiosis throughout the process.

Tune in to discover useful approaches to buying and selling and ensure a smooth acquisition process.

Episode Highlights:

  • Matt uncovers the importance of understanding how to secure the inflow of business success, whether it be opportunities, money, deals, etc., through the outflow into the marketplace of who your company is and what it offers.
  • We discuss the structure and value Outflow provides, and the emphasis the company places on exclusivity via off-market deal opportunities.
  • Essential advice for business people interested in selling their business to ensure a structured exit and why implementing these practices is crucial.
  • Recommendations for sellers post-sale, including what preparations should be made for a smooth transition after the acquisition.
  • Explanation and deeper understanding of who OutFlow’s target market is and the reasoning behind this approach.
  • Outreach tactics for both buyers and sellers that work best to gain trust, achieve transparency, and deliver a thorough understanding.
  • What Matt’s vision for the future of OutFlow.

Tweetable Quotes:

“At the end of the day, I believe great businesses are built by great people—it’s not great products. I think a great product is a critical component, but it comes from having great, unbelievable people. When people are emotional—when there is unnecessary strife, and people are stressed—it causes things to go into chaos mode.” – Matt Currie

“There’s no such thing as an acquisition. It’s a merger because you are merging cultures together.” – Matt Currie

Relevant Links:

Deal Flow Article:

LinkedIn: Matt Currie

Email: matt@outflow.capital or matt@outflow.agency

Company Website: https://outflow.capital/

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