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Our guest this week is Ryan Tansom, who helped turn around his family’s business and sold it for eight figures to a local competitor in 2014. He co-founded Arkona where he created International growth, five principles, and a framework, and hosted the popular life after business podcast with over 200 episodes and 300,000 downloads.

As an entrepreneur, he enjoys helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and increase their value by changing their mindset from annual income to focusing on long-term growth.

Episode Highlights:

    • Ryan discusses how he became involved in family businesses, what challenges he encountered, and what changes he made when he took control of the business.
    • We discuss the differences between the ownership and management roles.
    • Ryan talks about how long it took him to sell his business and what it cost.
    • Changing the name of his Life After Business podcast to Intentional Growth – How to grow the value of your coming with the end in mind.
    • What are some of the challenges faced by first-time founders?
    • EOS ®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System.
    • An overview of how to choose the best advisors, lawyers, tax professionals, bankers and brokers.

Relevant Links:

Website: https://arkona.io/podcasts

LinkedIn: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/intentional-growth/id1132187581

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