EP12 How Content Allies and Lead Cookie have thrived despite Covid’s crisis with Jake Jorgovan

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In this episode, we have Jake Jorgovan, the Founder of Content Allies and Lead Cookie. Through these companies, he has generated $40M+ in sales for his clients. Jake is the host of the Working Without Pants Podcast, and Leaders of B2B Podcast. He also shares the raw lessons of his entrepreneurial journey at Jake-Jorgovan.com. His aim is to construct a business that runs without you and generates profits.

In a similar way, they’re like the Gary Vee team that empowers a lot of entrepreneurs who are experts in their field and who want to show the world and create all the content and get all the ideas out.

Episode Highlights:

    • Jake discusses how he decided to start Lead Cookie and how Content Allies is doing.
    • He explains the reasons why he does not like the productized service.
    • In this podcast, he talks about nearly selling Lead Cookie last year and the horrible experience that came with it.
    • What are his thoughts on Partnerships?
    • What are his thoughts on retirement, early retirement or investments?

Tweetable Quote:

“Trust in yourself and level yourself up and just follow your own journey in that sense, instead of just trying to do what everyone else is doing and eventually pave your own way. I think that’s way more satisfying and way more fun.” – Jake Jorgovan

“Do one thing and do it well.”  – Alex (Jake’s Advisor)

“Your business is a reflection of yourself. And so if you don’t have the results that you want. if your bank account doesn’t look like what you want, it’s because you need to level up.” – Jakes’ business advisor

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakejorgovan/


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