EP16 7 Figures acquisition. Interview with Jaime Arias, industrial engineer turned acquisition entrepreneur

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In this episode, we have Jaime Arias, he’s an acquisition entrepreneur. He completed his first of a few acquisitions over the past two years. An engineer by trade and a Harvard MBA graduate, he found acquisitions entrepreneurship and fell in love with it; now he’s growing an online business and potentially buying more.

Episode Highlights:

    • Jaime discusses how he embarked on his journey to Acquisitions.
    • He shares the challenges he faced while making his decision to be an acquisition entrepreneur.
    • He shared where he learned about acquisition entrepreneurship.
    • What criteria does he use to choose which business to buy?
    • How COVID has affected his search and sourcing process.
    • When he was in business school, what were the differences compared to when he was running his search process and acquisition?
    • Why he didn’t like buying agencies.
    • He describes the business he bought and explains what Patients4you does and how it works.
    • How he started his business without a team when he bought it and slowly built it up.
    • Which is the primary source of their clients’ leads, Google AdWords or SEO, or both?
    • He shares his plans for his business in the next few years if he intends to acquire more businesses.
    • Jaime answers the question of what he would do differently if he could go back five years.
    • He recounts his experience going through the process of assessing investors.
    • He shares some advice with aspiring entrepreneurial investors.

Relevant Links:

Website: https://patients4you.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaime-arias-b37a2278/


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