EP17 Buying five-figure businesses to multiple eight-figure businesses with Ujwal Velagapudi

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Ujwal Velagapudi shares in this episode the lessons he learned from every acquisition he has made, how to develop a resilient mindset throughout those acquisitions, and what it takes to move from five-digit to seven-digit deals and beyond. With his real estate investing background, he was able to purchase his first business while also working full-time.

Episode Highlights:

    • He explained what he was doing before he started buying businesses, and what led him to make that decision.
    • How was Ujwal exposed to Acquisition Entrepreneurship?
    • How did he acquire many of his investments/businesses?
    • Ujwal discusses how he also became involved in the online space.
    • Ujwal talks about the first business he bought and how he continued to do real estate deals while also holding a full-time job.
    • In what ways did Ujwal shift his thinking to become an Investor?
    • He provides details about what kind of frontier he is pursuing and where he is in terms of investing and scaling.
    • When it comes to looking for deals, Ujwal explains what he wants and does not want.
    • He talks about how essential cash flow is from a financial perspective.
    • Shares his plans for what he wants to accomplish in the near future and in the coming years.
    • What he recommends when it comes to buying a business and what to avoid.

Relevant Links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ujwal-velagapudi-4a457a15/

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