EP27 The Agency Model vs. Ecommerce Companies and over 5 acquisitions

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Episode Highlights:

00:01:34 First acquisition at 22: a restaurant mistake.
00:06:00 Understanding buyer psychology is crucial for success. Empathy is a CEO’s biggest tool. Acquisition mistakes can be costly and avoidable.
00:10:32 Cut salespeople, focus on strengths, avoid management.
00:14:58 Switching companies, need familiar people; limit reports. Avoid unnecessary meetings, prioritize scaling. Care for team individually but not in meetings. Working on a 100 million EBITDA opportunity. Acquisition potential in 100-200 million range. It’s a game; changing lives; exciting.
00:19:09 Thinking win-win, building wealth for all.
00:23:10 Ecommerce companies struggle with cash flow, unlike agencies.
00:26:30 Avoiding bosses, expanding outdoor brands, supporting struggling founders.
00:28:51 Synergy is crucial, bankruptcies are imminent.
00:35:29 No money down deals, money out of pocket, misconceptions, contracts, trust.
00:38:20 Busy meetings, focused on valuable content.
00:40:42 “Great people and collaboration bring success.”

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