EP20 A new financing path for acquisition Entrepreneurs with Boopos Founder Juan Ignacio Garcia

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Juan was the CFO for a company called Cabify, like Uber in Spain and Latin America. He had previously worked as an engineer in private equity, investing in banking. He considered himself a tech and finance guy. He started his own company Boopos in May 2020 to provide financing to people who want to acquire businesses. He decided to start his own business. And learned about all these aggregators that were buying companies based on data that they were pulling from the Amazon market.

The big pain he discovered was that many, many buyers lacked the cash or funding to acquire the businesses they were seeking. So there were a lot of talented people that would. Out of the market because they didn’t have the right partners for funding. And that’s why in late 2020, he started Boopos to help all these people acquire businesses by providing them M&A financing.

Episode Highlights:

    • Juan wanted to build a reliable source of funding for all those people who were looking to buy businesses and what’s really interesting is that from those initial stages, they developed an underwriting model or an analysis model that served as the basis of their current analysis model.
    • He explained a little about his background before he started Boopos.
    • From working as a CFO at Cabify to starting his own company, Boopos.
    • What made him start looking at business acquisitions on Amazon Marketplace.
    • He shared what inspires him to build his Boopos company as a reliable source of funding for people that are looking to buy business.
    • Juan discusses the challenges that eCommerce space and consumption related niches face.
    • For Juan, it’s important that you’re cautious and selective, and make sure you’re buying the right business.
    • In terms of how they work/partner with business brokers, they help them close deals afterward, and they also send buyers on their way.
    • He explains what size business they are considering at the moment.
    • Focusing on smaller deals because they can add the most value in the end.
    • Over time they anticipate dealing with around 5 million, but at the moment between 100k and 2 million.
    • How can they tell if the company is performing poorly/not doing well?
    • He explains their process of analyzing and approving the business in 48 hours.
    • He discusses revenue-based financing in more detail.
    • As he points out, the company’s mission is to help as many businesses as possible.

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