EP19 Micro Private Equity Fund buys SAAS business with Ryan Kulp

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On this episode, we talk with Ryan Kulp about his artistic and creative journey, as well as some exciting news about this business portfolio. He is the founder of Fork Equity and MicroAcquisitions.com

Episode Highlights:

    • Ryan explains the meaning and concept of retirement to him.
    • He talks about how he started making money by listing his apartments on Airbnb, and how he saw the patterns and kinds of strategies he could implement to make money.
    • It’s not having a boss and someone who depends on me not having big deadlines but being able to express myself creatively.
    • He believes that to be a creative person, you have to create good work that people consume.
    • Describes how he got into NFTs and how he was surrounded by NFTs artists.
    • Ryan’s definition of art is something people want to consume.
    • His goal of believing in himself is because he thinks once he believes in himself, he can do anything.
    • To unlock your potential, you must set ambitious goals for yourself.
    • Ryan explains how he creates more leverage so that he can do less work while earning the same amount of money.
    • Over time, his goals have changed, and now he just wants to buy back his time.
    • Ryan discusses how Fork equity.com/Micro Equity Fund got started and how it works.
    • How they tried a lot of different strategies and how they improved this track record by putting all their efforts into improving that asset.
    • His other main distinction is how they have set up their fund with this on-demand – Choose your own adventure style.
    • Ryan shares details about the upcoming Fork 2.0 launch and how it is going to be different from what they are currently doing.
    • In this episode, Ryan announces big news for the first time.
    • He gives advice to people who want to learn more about what they do.

Tweetable Quote:

“It’s like playing Russian roulette.” Warren Buffett

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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ryanckulp

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