EP30 From Corporate Layoff to Business Acquisition of a Trailer Dealerships Texas with Shane Ehrsam

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00:00 High stress and busy job leads to entrepreneurship.

09:51 Challenges of career loyalty and relationship changes.

13:32 Overcoming job loss, seeking entrepreneurial opportunities.

16:24 Father encourages using 401k, take big risk.

20:08 North Texas Trailers: a trailer dealership summary.

24:41 Car dealerships have manufacturer partnerships, trailer dealerships do not.

26:17 Buying and reselling from manufacturers raises challenges.

29:52 Uncertain about future, considering business expansion options.

33:15 Generate leads, convert to sales, improve processes.

37:02 Outsource, focus on business, and sales strategy.

39:44 Sell to anyone, focusing on government entities.

44:29 Explore all deal-making options to benefit both.

46:44 Evaluate risk versus reward for pursuing entrepreneurial path.

– Shane’s Journey to Business Ownership

  – Influence of Shane’s Father’s Small Business Ownership

  – Transition from Corporate Leadership Roles to Entrepreneurship

  – Decision to Pursue Business Ownership After Being Laid Off

– The Trailer Dealership Business

  – Operations and Relationships Between Dealerships and Manufacturers

  – Vision for Expansion and Growth in the Trailer Dealership Business

  – Initiatives to Improve Sales Processes and Employee Experience

– Business Development and Marketing Strategies

  – Investing in New CRM and Customer Communication Platforms

  – Focus on Online Sales and Digital Marketing

  – Exploring Paid Advertising and Metrics Evaluation

– Business Acquisitions and Deal-Making Strategies

  – Criteria for Acquiring New Businesses

  – Potential Acquisitions and Property Purchases

  – The Importance of Creative Deal-Making Strategies and Seller Incentives

– Reflections on Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership

  – Emotions, Anxieties, and Fears in Decision-Making

  – Realization of the Lack of Security in Long-Term Employment

  – Rewards and Stress of Business Ownership

– Future Plans and Acknowledgement of Potential Opportunities

  – Anticipation for Future Connections and Growth

  – Conclusion of the Conversation with Mutual Appreciation

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