EP29 Lessons from the Front Line: Buying Businesses in Guatemala with Diego Cerezo

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00:00 Diego Cerezo shares journey of buying business.

05:43 Dad’s guidance made the first acquisition successful.

07:41 Latin American business culture differs from the US.

11:17 Tough negotiations led to creative payment terms.

15:35 Discipline and commitment lead to business rewards.

18:50 Delegate operations, focus on strategy, oversee projects.

20:28 Admitting humility unlocks greatness in building teams.

24:38 Podcast discusses different ways to acquire businesses.

27:20 Guatemala partner sets up meetings, revenue share.

30:51 Innovative approach to niche ecommerce advertising strategy.

34:43 Considering acquisitions beyond Guatemala: b-to-b, low capex.

37:37 Tips for business: introspection, focus on cash flow, collaboration.

41:10 Excitement and possibility lead to big dreams.

– Entrepreneurial shift from craft brewery to acquisitions.

– Influence of personal and educational background on decision to enter acquisitions.

– Comparison to US acquisition culture.

– Challenges of a more relationship-driven market.

– Diego’s personalized approach to sourcing deals.

– The intensive 15-month journey to acquire a tech company.

– Creative revenue-share agreements and company acquisition options.

– Learning resources for acquisition skills.

– Essential tips for first major acquisitions.

– Importance of cash management with profit first methodology.

– Focus on long-term growth and the strategic role.

– The significance of mentors and partnerships.

– Benefits of collaboration for business success.

– Diego’s commitment to investing in education and tourism.

– Anticipation of future in-person meetings and continued exchanges.

– Diego oversees strategy for multiple companies with varied industries.

– Long-term investment vision for portfolio businesses.

– Acquiring businesses to facilitate regional growth.

– New methods beyond traditional SBA loans for business acquisitions.

– Real-life example of a revenue-sharing deal with an option for investment or income.

Diego Cerezo’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diegocerezo/?originalSubdomain=gt

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