EP28 Beyond Corporate: The Strategic Acquisition of a Marketing Digital Agency

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00:00 Enthusiastic about self-improvement and non-fiction books.

03:14 Realized potential in established businesses through systems.

07:13 Realized lack of control in 2020, 2021 change.

12:05 Seeking established business with specific criteria in mind.

14:49 Proactively pursued 100 deals, reviewed 40.

17:30 Successful business acquisition, minimal risk and surprises.

19:49 “Focus on potential, not just historical data.”

23:17 Neglected operational details can sink a business.

27:44 Business owner emphasizes importance of practical SOPs.

30:40 Hiring, nurturing talent vital for business growth.

33:33 Overcoming stress, prioritizing health and control.

36:04 Appreciate your inspiring story and future plans.

41:24 Surround yourself with motivated, action-oriented professionals.

43:10 Met through Facebook, built friendship, crazy journey.

– Proactive Deal Search and Selection

– Requesting and Qualifying Deals

– Due Diligence and Criteria

– Submitting Letter of Intention (LOI) for Business Acquisition

– Decision to Start Own Business

– Transition from Employee to Business Owner

– Personal and Family Support

– Criteria for Choosing a Business to Purchase

– Acquisition Process and Integration

– Identifying Suitable Business

– Inheriting and Building a Strong Team

– Hiring and the Importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

– Balancing Work, Family, and Health

– Personal Impact and Challenges

– Prioritizing Self-Care and Wellness

– Achieving Work-Life Balance

– Business Growth and Operations

– Leveraging Old Relationships for Growth

– Internal Marketing Team and Growth Expectations

– Future Investment Plans and Business Development

– Lessons Learned from Business Acquisition

– Surprises and Adaptability

– Importance of Human Capital

– Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

– Personal Background and Entrepreneurial Journey

– Corporate Career and Influences

– Interest in Acquiring Small Business

– Decision and Mindset Shift towards Acquiring Business Full-Time


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