My Business Acquisition Criteria

1. Subscription-Based Revenue Stream:
The target company should have a revenue model primarily based on automatic monthly or annual subscriptions, ensuring steady cash flow.
2. Proven Track Record of Profitability:
The target company should have consistently demonstrated profitability over an extended period, confirming its financial viability and business health.
3. Sale or Operational Potential:
The target company should have a business model and operational structure that offer substantial flexibility for future plans, either through a lucrative exit or by continuing to run effectively with a dedicated operating team.
4. Scalability:
The company should have a framework that supports easy onboarding and integration of new team members, demonstrating potential for scalable growth.
5. Location-Independent:
The company should be operable from any geographic location, offering flexibility and lowering overhead costs.
6. Diverse Customer Base:
The company should cater to both individual subscribers and group memberships, widening its revenue streams and reducing dependence on any one segment.
7. Low Churn Rate:
An ideal target will have a proven track record of customer retention, as reflected in a low churn rate, assuring consistent long-term revenue.
8. Predictable Business Metrics:
The company should have established, transparent funnel metrics including Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value of the Customer (LTV), making its future revenue more predictable.
9. Brand-Centric and Non-Founder Dependent:
The business should be built around a strong brand, and its operations should not be overly dependent on any single founder or group of founders.
10. Simplified Knowledge Transfer:
The operational know-how should not be tacitly held within a few key individuals. The company should be capable of growing its team through straightforward training protocols.
11. Online Presence:
The company should have the capacity for effective online launches and demonstrate a strong online presence, which is essential for scaling.
12. Customer Acquisition Strategies:
The target company should have proven online customer acquisition funnels using Facebook ads, Google Ads, email marketing, and Direct Response Copy, indicative of its ability to sustain and grow its customer base.

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