EP29 Lessons from the Front Line: Buying Businesses in Guatemala with Diego Cerezo

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Invest & Scale, “Masters of the Deal: Acquisition Strategies and Growth Insights.” Today’s episode features a gripping dialogue with Diego Cerezo, an entrepreneur who transitioned from running a Guatemalan craft brewery to mastering the art of business acquisitions in Latin America. Diego tells us about the influences that triggered his shift towards acquiring businesses and shares his personal experiences navigating the unique challenges of Latin America’s acquisition landscape. We’ll also explore creative financing arrangements, the significance of partnerships and mentorship, and the critical role of strategy in managing a diverse portfolio of companies. Get ready to dive into a world where deal-making meets strategic foresight, and introspection becomes a cornerstone of success in business acquisitions. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an experienced professional, this episode is brimming with valuable takeaways.

Now, let’s roll the intro music and get ready for an enlightening session on “Investment Scale” with Diego Cerezo. Stay tuned!