Month: April 2022

EP14 Investment Banking principles for Online M&A with Chris Shipferling and Jason Somerville

In this episode, we have Chris Shipferling and Jason Somerville Managing Partner at Global Wired Advisors.

Global wired advisors started about two and a half years ago. Founded by three other partners of Global Wired Advisors, Jason Somerville, Joe Hogg, and Chris Bodnar. They want to bring to this part of the market a process that mimics what you would normally get out of a traditional investment banking process, and the idea is happening, the proof of concept has already taken place.

EP10 Family Business 8 Figures exit with Ryan Tansom

Our guest this week is Ryan Tansom, who helped turn around his family’s business and sold it for eight figures to a local competitor in 2014. He co-founded Arkona where he created International growth, five principles, and a framework, and hosted the popular life after business podcast with over 200 episodes and 300,000 downloads.

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