EP30 From Corporate Layoff to Business Acquisition of a Trailer Dealerships Texas with Shane Ehrsam

In this episode of I&S, our host Gabriel Murillo sits down with guest Shane, the new owner of North Texas Trailers, a multi-location trailer dealership. Shane shares the inspiring story of his journey from corporate America to acquisition entrepreneurship, discussing the challenges, fears, and motivations that led him to take the leap into business ownership.

From navigating the complexities of dealership and manufacturer relationships to his ambitious plans for business expansion, Shane’s insights into sales processes, employee experience, and potential acquisitions provide a compelling narrative of growth, determination, and the pursuit of success.

EP29 Lessons from the Front Line: Buying Businesses in Guatemala with Diego Cerezo

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Invest & Scale, “Masters of the Deal: Acquisition Strategies and Growth Insights.” Today’s episode features a gripping dialogue with Diego Cerezo, an entrepreneur who transitioned from running a Guatemalan craft brewery to mastering the art of business acquisitions in Latin America. Diego tells us about the influences that triggered his shift towards acquiring businesses and shares his personal experiences navigating the unique challenges of Latin America’s acquisition landscape. We’ll also explore creative financing arrangements, the significance of partnerships and mentorship, and the critical role of strategy in managing a diverse portfolio of companies. Get ready to dive into a world where deal-making meets strategic foresight, and introspection becomes a cornerstone of success in business acquisitions. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an experienced professional, this episode is brimming with valuable takeaways.

Now, let’s roll the intro music and get ready for an enlightening session on “Investment Scale” with Diego Cerezo. Stay tuned!

EP28 Beyond Corporate: The Strategic Acquisition of a Marketing Digital Agency

Welcome to the I&S podcast, where we delve into the world of entrepreneurship, business acquisition, and personal development. In today’s episode titled “Oscar Jaramillo,” our host Gabriel Murillo welcomes the inspiring entrepreneur and business owner, Oscar Jaramillo. Oscar shares his journey from a corporate career at Nestle Waters North America to becoming a successful business acquirer. He takes us through the proactive and meticulous process of acquiring a suitable business, emphasizing the impact of personal skills, the importance of human capital, and the need for a balanced approach to entrepreneurship. Join us as we explore Oscar’s insights, personal challenges, and the unexpected surprises of business ownership, all while gaining valuable advice and lessons learned from his inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

EP27 The Agency Model vs. Ecommerce Companies and over 5 acquisitions

In this episode of I&S, host Gabriel Murillo is joined by guest Jordan West as they delve into the world of entrepreneurship, acquisitions, and building successful businesses. From the importance of recognizing and leveraging individual strengths to seizing opportunities during challenging times, they provide invaluable insights and advice. They also discuss the power of collaboration, the role of content creation in client acquisition, and their vision of creating a conglomerate of agencies in the D to C space. Tune in for an inspiring conversation on wealth, impact, and the game of business.

EP26 Dog Training Franchise Acquisition in Austin Texas with Chirag Shah

Welcome to the I&S podcast, where we delve into the world of business acquisitions, entrepreneurship, and personal development. In this episode our host Gabriel Murillo engages in a conversation with Chirag Shah, owner of Sit Means Sit, a dog training franchise in Austin. Chirag shares insights into his business acquisition journey, the emotional and practical challenges of staff management, and his strategies for scaling and improving his business’s sales processes.

From the highs of increasing his close rate to the lows of dealing with staffing challenges, Chirag’s experiences provide valuable lessons for any business owner or entrepreneur. Tune in as we explore the rollercoaster ride of owning and growing a business, and the personal growth that comes with it.

EP25 Investing in Online Businesses: A Glimpse into the Journey and Vision of Black Book Investments

In today’s digital age, online businesses are thriving, offering investors a unique opportunity to tap into this growing market. In a recent podcast episode, the founder of Black Book Investments discussed their journey in starting and growing a micro private equity company that buys and operates a portfolio of online businesses. This article will explore the key insights shared in the podcast, from the importance of due diligence to investing with Empire Flippers Capital and the future vision of Black Book Investments.

EP22 From U.S. Army to acquiring over four businesses in the past 10 years with Jeffrey Evenson

Jeffrey Evenson attended West Point, a military academy in New York. And then he joined the army for just a short time after leaving West Point. After grad school, he earned an MBA, gained a lot of knowledge about finance, and ended up trading stocks as a job. Eventually, he moved from the trading business into investment management, working for a boutique investment manager.

EP21 Intentional Business Acquisition with Russell Benaroya

Russell Benaroya is an entrepreneur with a background in corporate finance and private equity. Prior to becoming a Partner at Stride, Russell was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Higi, a population health enablement company that owns the largest national network of health screening stations. He was an investment professional for the private equity firms Kline Hawkes and Blue Point Capital, where he invested in healthcare, technology, and industrial-based enterprises. He is also an author, entrepreneur, coach and speaker focused on helping people achieve their highest and best use by staying in their genius zones.

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