Month: November 2022

EP22 From U.S. Army to acquiring over four businesses in the past 10 years with Jeffrey Evenson

Jeffrey Evenson attended West Point, a military academy in New York. And then he joined the army for just a short time after leaving West Point. After grad school, he earned an MBA, gained a lot of knowledge about finance, and ended up trading stocks as a job. Eventually, he moved from the trading business into investment management, working for a boutique investment manager.

EP21 Intentional Business Acquisition with Russell Benaroya

Russell Benaroya is an entrepreneur with a background in corporate finance and private equity. Prior to becoming a Partner at Stride, Russell was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Higi, a population health enablement company that owns the largest national network of health screening stations. He was an investment professional for the private equity firms Kline Hawkes and Blue Point Capital, where he invested in healthcare, technology, and industrial-based enterprises. He is also an author, entrepreneur, coach and speaker focused on helping people achieve their highest and best use by staying in their genius zones.

EP20 A new financing path for acquisition Entrepreneurs with Boopos Founder Juan Ignacio Garcia

Juan was the CFO for a company called Cabify, like Uber in Spain and Latin America. He had previously worked as an engineer in private equity, investing in banking. He considered himself a tech and finance guy. He started his own company Boopos in May 2020 to provide financing to people who want to acquire businesses. He decided to start his own business. And learned about all these aggregators that were buying companies based on data that they were pulling from the Amazon market.

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